Effective Uses of Essential Oils For Weight Loss – Grapefruit Essential Oil

uses of essential oilsYou have undoubtedly heard about the uses of essential oils for aromatherapy, and chances are you have eaten grapefruit as part of a weight loss regimen in the past. Did you know, though, that grapefruit essential oil can accelerate the results of your weight loss program?

Scientists have studied the relationship between the human sense of smell and the phenomenon of weight loss, and they found some very startling results. If you want to add an pleasurable and effective element to your weight loss program, please continue reading.

Uses of Essential Oils – Grapefruit Essential Oil For Weight Control

Before you rush out to purchase grapefruit oil, it’s important to put things in perspective. Essential oils are not a magic bullet that will allow you to continue with unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits. It is not a mythical cure, and simply using aromatherapy and ignoring other advice will not move you any closer to your goals.

uses of essential oilsThe uses of essential oils and some other aromatherapy remedies will help you bridge the gap between your desire to lose weight and actual weight loss. Many people who are overweight wish they could lose the weight. Not everyone feels equipped to actually shed the pounds.

Aromatherapy and essential oils helps with two important aspects of weight loss. First, they help to manage feelings of hunger and cravings that can spiral out of control. Secondly, they can help to mitigate some of the factors that contribute to weight problems in the first place, such as feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety over life’s problems. In essence, using aromatherapy can be a valuable part of a sensible and healthy plan for weight loss and lifestyle transformation.

Grapefruit is not the only essential oil that helps with weight loss. Many citrus oils help to boost metabolism, curb your appetite and control cravings. Click here for an article on how orange essential oil helps promote weight loss.

Effective Uses of Essential Oils Require High Quality Products

When using aromatherapy for weight loss, be sure you get high quality, undiluted essential oil from a trusted source. Artificial scents do not contain the same molecules and chemical structure that work to stimulate your brain’s response.

How and Why Grapefruit Essential Oil Works

uses of essential oilsResearch has shown that your sense of smell is closely related to your appetite. Feelings of satiety, or satisfaction and even feelings of fullness can be affected by your sense of smell. When you inhale the scent of an essential oil, its microscopic molecules have a direct effect on your brain’s hypothalamus, where the satiety center, which controls feelings of hunger and fullness is located. The satiety center interprets the signals that are given off by these molecules as a signal that you have had enough to eat.

This incredible trick allows you to curb cravings and suppress an out of control appetite. By simply inhaling the scent of certain essential oils for five minutes or longer, and you’ll notice a decline in your appetite. Be sure to inhale for at least five minutes; smelling the scent for a shorter amount of time can actually increase hunger and stimulate your appetite.

An easy and pleasant way to improve your chances of weight loss success, grapefruit essential oil is effective, inexpensive and convenient. Visit the essential oil review page for more information on uses of essential oils for weight loss.

These uses of essential oils are a great healthy trick to help you reach your weight loss goal quicker and easier.

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2 Responses to Effective Uses of Essential Oils For Weight Loss – Grapefruit Essential Oil

  1. Williemae Vieira says:

    Some essential oils such as tea tree have demonstrated anti-microbial effects, but there is still a lack of clinical evidence demonstrating efficacy against bacterial, fungal, or viral infections. Evidence for the efficacy of aromatherapy in treating medical conditions remains poor, with a particular lack of studies employing rigorous methodology,^”…

    Until next time

  2. Kyley says:

    Great article! ,ve been experimenting with using essential oils for weight loss, and I’ve found they really do work for reducing cravings.

    Recently I started using a blend called Slim and Sassy by doTerra, but before I found it I did a whole bunch of research and experimentation and developed a bunch of aromatherapy recipes for weight loss.

    For example, to make a weight loss aromatherapy inhaler, pour a teaspoon of coarse sea salt in a very small dark glass or PET plastic bottle and add 30 drops Grapefruit essential oil, 4 drops Lemon, 1 drop Ylang Ylang.

    I wrote a bunch more weight loss recipes, posted at easy-aromatherapy-recipes.com. They really can help maintain healthy weight!

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